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Price Per Serving  Lion's Mane Bacopa Ginkgo Biloba Rhodiola Rosea
$1.16 2,500 MG 400 MG

360 MG

300 MG
500 MG 100 MG 50 MG 50 MG


500 MG 150 MG 100 MG 300 MG
$4.96 500 MG 300 MG 240 MG 50 MG


525 MG 100 MG
120 MG
50 MG

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A surge in energy, but not like a stimulant. You will be thinking clearer. You will know what you need to do and how to do it. You will be able to "connect-the-dots" much better. You will have a much longer mental endurance and will have a stronger concentration on whatever task you need to complete. Your memory recall will improve, and you will have a much easier time forming new memories. It's very much like a brain "wake up", but different from a stimulant like caffeine. Great for studying, deep work, creativity, and fighting cognitive decline or memory loss. Not ideal for working out or staying up late.

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We will refund qualified orders. We have a few checks in place to make sure the system is not abused, but we generally provide refund's for disappointed customers.

There's no catch. Our goal is simply to make a product and price that's so good that you, the customer, keep coming back. We would rather have a loyal customer base than sell one-time customers an overpriced and ineffective product.

When we were just customers in the nootropics market, there was no product like ours that actually gives the customer what they are looking for. We're here to bridge that gap for people who are in the same boat we were in.

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