A nootropic that actually works

*actually works*

It is incredibly easy to put a few multi-vitamins together, call it a "nootropic", and slap a ridiculous price tag on it. At Nootropics Department we have more respect for the customer than that. We aren't going to sell a product that doesn't work, market it with bold generalized claims that don't actually explain the product, and use Chat-GPT to generate the landing page copy. But how do you know you can trust us? What if this intro is all apart of our plan, and we're just like the rest?

Well, see for yourself. Here is a full breakdown, with direct competitor comparisons, showing you exactly how and why we are the best.

 Lion's Mane

no- not that kind of Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane is a medicinal mushroom that has been used for thousands of years. Known for boosting memory, learning, creativity, and curing brain fog, Lion's Mane is one of the most popular nootropics. Lion's Mane is considered to boost NGF and increase neuroplasticity.

How does it make you feel? Users report feeling like they are more alert and aware, have an easier time solving problems, can have deeper, more introspective thoughts, and a much easier time picking up on and understanding complex tasks and ideas.

Is it backed by science? Many clinical trails support the efficacy of Lion's Mane, like this double-blind placebo-controlled study in Japan. 30 subjects with mild cognitive impairment were given 750 MG of Lion's Mane extract everyday for 16 weeks, and when assessed at weeks 8, 12, and 16, the Lion's Mane group significantly increased scores on the cognitive function scale compared to the placebo group. The study concluded that that [Lion's Mane] is effective in improving mild cognitive impairment (Mori et al., 2009).

Our Dosage? Now you may be thinking "that's great and all, but what if you're just like every other brand who includes a popular ingredient, but at such a small dosage it doesn't help??"

Rest assured, we got you. Note how the study cited above found 750 MG to be efficacious. Well we included 2,500 MG, more than 3x greater. Here is how our dosage of Lion's Mane stacks up against some notable competitors:


2,500 MG

500 MG

500 MG

500 MG

525 MG

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400 MG

100 MG

150 MG

300 MG

100 MG